Types of Search Engines

There are number of search engines available now. But they can be broken in main three types. Different search engines types are listed below.

  • Primary Search Engines (Major Search Engines)
  • Secondary Search Engines
  • Targeted Search Engines

Now I tell you detailed information about above listed types. They all have their own importance and different working methods.

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Primary Search Engines (Major Search Engines):

Search Engine Types, Types of Search Engines, Primary Search Engines, Major Search Engines, Secondary Search Engines, Examples of Major Search Engines, Targeted Search Engines

When we think about the name Search Engine, what comes in our mind? According to my opinion, when I think about search engines, I can feel that Google, Yahoo! And MSN etc. yes these are primary search engines and we all are familiar with them. These primary Search Engines are also called Major Search Engines. Majority of the traffic of your website is generated by the Primary Search Engines and as such will be the primary focus of your SEO efforts. Each primary search engine differs from others.

For example, Lycos has been around much longer than Google, yet Google is the most popular search engine on the Web. Why is that? Most likely because people find that, when searching the Web, Google provides better search results.

The difference in those search results is all in the search algorithm used to create the search engine. Most primary search engines are also more than just search. Additional features such as e-mail, mapping, news, and different types of entertainment applications are also available from most of the primary search engine companies. These elements were added long after the search was established, as a way to draw more and more people to the search engine. Although those features don’t change the way people search, they might affect which search engine people choose.

Example of Primary Search Engines:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo!
  3. MSN

Secondary search engines:

Secondary Search Engines belong to second type of Search Engines. Secondary Search Engines are targeted at smaller rate, more specific audiences, although the search engine’s content itself is still general. They do not generate as much traffic as the primary search engines, but they’re useful for regional and more narrowly focused searches.

Examples of secondary search engines:

  1. Lycos
  2. LookSmart
  3. Miva
  4. Ask.com
  5. Espotting.

Secondary search engines, just like the primary ones, will vary in the way they rank search results. Some will rely more heavily upon keywords, whereas others will rely on reciprocal links. Still others might rely on criteria such as meta tags or some proprietary criteria.

Targeted Search Engines:

Targeted search engines belong to third type of search engines.

Targeted search engines sometimes called Topical Search Engines are the most specific of them all. These search engines are very narrowly focused, usually to a general topic, like medicine or branches of science, travel, sports, or some other topic.

 Examples of Targeted Search Engines

  1. CitySearch
  2. Yahoo! Travel
  3. MusicSearch

 Like other types of search engines, ranking criteria will vary from one to another.

When considering targeted search engines for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, keep in mind that many of these search engines are much more narrowly focused than primary or secondary search engines. Look for the targeted search engines that are relevant to your specific topic (like pets, sports, locations, and so on).

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