PIN Diode

What is PIN Diode:

PIN Diode is the type of diode. The pin diode consists of heavily doped p and n regions separated by an intrinsic region. When reverse biased , the pin diode acts like a nearly constant capacitance.  When forward biased, the pin diode acts like a current controlled variable resistance.  The low forward resistance of the intrinsic region decreases with increasing current.

Applications of PIN Diode

Pin diodes are used as a dc controlled microwave switch operated by rapid changes in bias or as a modulating device that takes advantage of the variable forward resistance characteristic.  Since no rectification occurs at the pn junction, a high frequency signal can be modulated by a lower frequency bis variation.  A pin diode can also be used in attenuator applications because its resistance can be controlled by the account of current.

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PIN Diode StructurePIN Diode


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PIN Diode when forward biased


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