Data Communication

Definition of data communication:

Data communication is the exchange or information from one entity to the othr entity using a transmission medium.

As we can see in the definition of data communication there are some important elements to consider, they are

  1. Exchange

  2. Information

  3. Entities

  4. Transmission

  5. Medium

So, above given five elements are the key elements of Data communication. To occur the communication each and every above element is important. We can say that these are the elements of communication process.

    • When we communicate , we share the information
    • Information can be local or remote.
    • Local communication occurs face to face.
    • Remote communication is between long distances.

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Here I explain the above mentioned elements or steps of data communication technology.


As the name denotes that this process is the exchange or transform of the information. In data communication process we exchange the ideas or information accordingly, or our message is sent or received in this process in easy way.


Information is the also important part of data communication, because without the information its purpose is hidden, our main purpose of communication is to deliver our message from one place to other place, so, the information may be text information, video or vice which is desired to exchange or transform.


Entities are also important, entities mean the sender or receiver here, and entities may be two computers who are exchanging the information as sender and receiver.


Transmission is the main process of exchanging information in data communication. Transmission is the combination of different processes which are performed with the message before sending it on the medium. In this whole process many methods are there. Getting message, converting/ encoding it in desired format, modulation, method of transmission analog or digital, in which form information will be sent, so all these methods are used in transmission.


Medium is also important element of communication process, medium is the way we will use to send information. Medium is physical path that a message uses to travel from the sender to the receiver.

Medium can be copper cable (Telephone), coaxial cable (Cable TV), fiber optics cable, laser or radio waves (wireless medium). The transmission medium should be capable of carrying this information.

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