Definition of Broadcasting:

Broadcasting is the process of distributing video and audio informations or contents via broadcast television or broadcasting radio or via other technologies.  It may be for private purpose, experimentations, self training, non-commercial exchange of messages or emergency communication.

Radio and Television Broadcasting

The word broadcast means to send out in all directions.  In a radio or television broadcasting system the transmitter sends out electromagnetic radio waves from its antenna.  At the receiving end, an antenna picks up or intercepts the transmitted signal.  The receiver reproduces the transmitted information.  Because there are many radio signals traveling in space from differnt transmitter, a receiver must be able to select stations must be tuned the frequency of the station desired.  All other  stations must be tuned out.j In below figure a basic radio broadcasting system is shown.  Notice that it consists of a transmitter, a reciever and two antennas.  The distance of transmission for a wireless communication broadcasting system can be less than a mile or as much as 5000 miles, depending on the type of service.  There are many different services, such as the radio broadcasting of voice and music, television broadcasting, amateur radio, and citizen’s Band radio (CB).  Other examples or radio broadcasting include police and aircraft radios, cordless and cellular telephones, and satellite communications.  All radio communication services in the world are regulated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).  The FCC assigns carrier frequencies to each type of service and also regulates the lawful use of each assigned service.

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Radio Broadcasting

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